Medallion Construction Services, a division of Medallion Pools, is the leading alternative to the traditional pool companies in Frisco, Texas. We decided a long time ago that there had to be a better way to build pools and assist the consumer be in more control. More times than we can count, we heard from consumers that they need a more affordable way to install a new pool, in their Frisco residence, while retaining a sense of control over the project. We understand Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pool installation is not everyone, thus we still have our traditional pool company, Medallion Pools that is eager to assist make your pool dreams become a reality.

For the Frisco consumers who want more control, as mentioned, at an affordable cost, we have the right services for you to choose from. More options mean more savings. Medallion Construction Services has more options than our competitors. Surprise, a Frisco pool company looking out for you by finding ways to save you money. To better understand what we should offer our Frisco consumers, the examination of each overarching option is sensible.

Option 1: DIY Project Assistance

You have decided a DIY pool project is the best option for your new pool for your Frisco home. We have found that homeowners who choose this option typically need some level of guidance and assistance, especially with the pool trades. By pool trades, we are referring to the skilled construction service providers for each step of the project. This option is for the homeowner that understands the intricacies required when handling a project of this caliber, especially taking on the project responsibilities of a general contractor. As a proficient pool company, in Frisco, we understand the specifics and we can assist with flexible plans to meet your budget. Be rest assured, the Frisco pool company and pool building experts are here to assist.

We can assist at any stage of your DIY pool project. Do not be afraid to reach out to us and ask questions. What You Don’t Know May Cost You….

Option 2: DIY Build Your Own Pool

This option can save you thousands. With this option, your dream pool truly becomes your project. You are in the driver’s seat with a little assist along the way. Since we are a pool company, we have put together a complete a DIY owner builder set up! Our years of pool proficiency, in Frisco, and efficient method has assisted us develop a straightforward kit to assist you every step of the way. Each kit includes 10 standard plans, with one consumer revision, and 8 pieces to assist in your DIY pool building project. We have developed several financing options. If needed, our pool experts are available anytime for onsite consultation when problems arise. We will never leave you alone to fend for yourself.

Option 3: Pool Removal and Demolition

This option is exactly how it sounds. We assist with the removal and demolition of existing pools that have outlived their purpose or damaged beyond repair. Our Frisco crew are the consummate professionals dedicated to making sure the project is completed right and you are completely satisfied.

In the end, we are Medallion Construction Services and it is our goal to build a custom pool or assist in a DIY project for each consumer that they will enjoy not just maintain, regardless of the pool options they choose. Every step of the pool building process, we are there to answer questions and guide our Frisco consumers to a successful pool project completion. This is exactly the reason our educated staff of pool experts, educates every consumer regarding every phase of the construction process. We cover the important pool ownership details, proper pool maintenance, and where not to cut corners during the designing and building of your custom pool. What other Frisco pool company provides that level of excellent consumer service?

If you want excellence coupled with exceptionalism, then Medallion Pools and Construction Services is right for you. Contact us today to get started on your new pool project. (469)362-8011