Medallion Pools of Texas, is the leading custom pool choice in Sherman, Texas. We decided a long time ago that there had to be a better way to build pools and deliver “Simply the best pool construction projects†hands down. Looking to install a new pool in your Sherman residence, we make it easy and fully disclose costing and material types for most transparent delivery. Medallion Pools of Texas is eager to help make your pool dreams become a reality.

For the Sherman buyers Medallion Pools of Texas is simply the best choice in custom swimming pools. **A Trip Fee and or no longer service may apply to your area

Tip 1: You Do Get What You Pay For

Every year in Sherman, Texas the mysterious pricing game is played as Sherman Texas homeowners attempt to get the “best deal†= cheapest price. Of course everyone wants the best deal and unless Sherman, Texas homeowners are actually in the pool construction business how can a realistic comparison really be done? Answer- It can’t. That leads many to select based on cost deliver completely ignoring the old adage “if it’s too good to be true-IT IS!â€

Many pool competitors know this and collectively take advantage of homeowners because once they start it is too late to change and the bad reviews and overly lengthy build times are simply the end result as well as a poorly constructed swimming pool project

“Limited Perception of Quality will cost you MORE than you can imagineâ€-Wayne Brito

Tip 2: Building Trades and Standards Are Not The Same

Sherman, Texas is not a new area for custom swimming pool construction. Medallion Pools of Texas has a sound track record of top quality pool construction and a unique project deliver that has clients raving online and to their neighbors! Think about it for just a moment….. How is it possible to deliver a top quality swimming pool thousands of dollars under cost????  Answer- NOT POSSIBLE The reality is big box builders simply employ low budget materials- inexperienced beginner tradesmen and little to no experience project managers.

Medallion Pools of Texas only builds and manages each site by Wayne and Dave Brito. As master pool builders each top trade is personally selected per stage and only uses top grade materials with no short cuts

Ask yourself this question—who do you want to oversee and build your project?

Tip 3: It’s not Gonna Happen To Me

Nearly all stories have this theme intertwined even in the face of stern warnings from others about a potential bad decision whether money, real estate etc. In Sherman, Texas every year the lure of a low cost pool build even in the light of reviews and other factors some will ignore logic and fall victim to a bad experience. Just think for a moment…. Why is a Cadillac more costly than a Kia? The both get you from A to B right? Let Medallion Pools of Texas Show you the difference!

If you want excellence coupled with exceptionalism, then Medallion Pools of Texas is right for you. Contact us today to get started on your new pool project. (469) 667-7426