Frisco Pool Service

*Our Professional Weekly Pool Cleaning- Starting @ $250 *billed in 4 trip increments


*Brush pool weekly
*Vacuum pool as needed
*Monitor and adjust basic chemicals

  • ph
  • alk
  • cyn
  • chlor

*backwash as needed (de included)
*empty All baskets
*Monitor Equipment

*Each Tech is a licensed pool professional
**Items that are additional costs

  • shock
  • sequester *pools we have built include at no additional cost
  • salt
  • filter cleans
  • additional cleaning time, leaves debris, etc

We provide you with the professional pool service that you need in Frisco

A blue and black background with an image of a fire hydrant.Most people that live in Frisco or anywhere in the Dallas Metroplex lead busy lives. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t want to take a little bit of time and relax in their yard by the pool. That is why it is necessary for you to hire a high quality pool cleaning service which will provide you with the services that you need to keep your pool clean and maintained so that you can enjoy it when you desire. When you hire Medallion Pools to provide with pool service in Frisco or Allen you can trust the fact that your pool is going to be taken care of properly.

The fact of the matter is, many companies offer cleaning and pool service in the Frisco and North Collin County area but they may not be offering you what you need. The reason why this is the case, is because they often cut corners in order to make a higher profit and keep their prices low. In other words, you pay a cheap price for your pool cleaning but it ends up costing you more in the long run. When you hire Medallion Pools to clean your pool, you are using an insured, licensed company that has years of expertise in keeping pools at the highest level possible. Not only do we clean the pool, we also insured that it is maintained properly so that you can avoid any problems rather than simply fixing them once something breaks down.

Common Questions regarding our weekly service

Q - Do we offer chemical only service?
A - Only with pools we have built

Q – Do you offer 1 time cleaning?
A  –  No, pools require more than 1 visit to properly balance. Our min commitment is 6months

Q – Do you offer bi-monthly service?
A - No, pools require weekly care and our experience shows this type of service yields higher workload to balance chemicals and clean, best practice is weekly

Pool service Frisco options that are available

There are many different things that we will do on a weekly basis when you hire us as your pool service in Frisco area. We will do an inspection of the equipment in your pool to ensure that it is operating properly. We also clean the pool, including skimming the surface of the pool, vacuuming it and emptying the baskets in the pumps and the skimmer basket. We adjust the pool chemistry as needed and suggest any repairs that are necessary to keep your pool operating at its peak efficiency. You can contact us for more information about our pool cleaning and the other services that we offer. It is our goal to make you happy with what we provide and we work hard to ensure that we reach that goal.