Wood Fencing

Are You Considering Wood Fencing?

Many people that live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area would like to add a fence to their property. In some cases, this is done to protect their backyard or to add a degree of security to their property. It may also be a regulation, such as when you have a pool built and you need to protect the area from entry. Although you have many options that are available to you, having a wood fence installed is going to provide many benefits. Not only is it a type of fence that is aesthetically pleasing, it is highly functional and includes many other advantages that may not be available in other types of fences.

At Medallion Pool Design, we are professionals in outdoor living. We are well known, not only for the high quality work that we do but for the excellent customer service that we provide. When you call us, we can give you the options that are available for installing wood fences on your property. We will help you to understand that wood is still one of the most affordable choices but at the same time, it offers a classic look for your property that will certainly add to the curb appeal. In addition, wood fencing is made from a sustainable resource. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly choice in comparison with other types of fences. Additional benefits that are available through wooden fencing include increased privacy, easy repair and they last a long time, if they are maintained properly.

Question: I got three bids and all you guys are the same cost, How do I choose?
Answer: Looking close at the materials description will tell you everything, for example all cedar pickets are not the same as there are different grades and also thickness as is commonly missed and too late once the fence is installed to realized it. Also post spacing and post depth are another common items homeowners miss.

Question: How come your warranty is not longer?

Answer: The simply reason is wood is a natural commodity and we cannot guarantee what a piece of wood will do over a long period of time subjected to weathering conditions as opposed to our workmanship guarantee is something we can control. Any company with ridiculously long wood guarantees really have no intention of ever coming back out as evidence by an extreme high turnover of companies that simply change names to avoid actually performing a warranty repair.

Question: Who will actually build my fence?
Answer: We employ our carpenters who lead the projects as oppose to our competitors who subcontract to questionable characters with shady backgrounds. Our guys speak English and capable of communicating also clearly identified vehicles and shirts point out who is doing your project.
Installing the Wood Fence

At Medallion Pools, we want you to be more than happy with the wood fence that we build. We will come to your home to provide you with a quote after measuring the property and discussing the various options that are available. We offer a wide variety of different types of wood fence and we can install all of them professionally and in a timely fashion.

When you want to install a fence, make sure that you make a choice that you will be happy with for the long term. Wood fence has been and will continue to be an excellent choice for all of the reasons that we discussed above. Give us a call today and we will give you more information about our wood fence options.