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What you do when the paint inside of your home gets dingy or old? You add a fresh coat! The same principle can be applied to your outdoor fence. If you have a wood fence that has become dingy or is graying, it is not necessary to replace it. You can call on the services of Medallion Pool Design to bring your fence back to life again. What do we do to ensure that your fence is not only looking better, it is as good as new?

The first thing that we do is to ensure that your fence is properly repaired. If there is any damage wood in your fence, it will need to be replaced. This is especially true if you have a pool, because you would not want to allow access to your yard, which could potentially cause a problem. After any repairs have taken place, we will wash your fence thoroughly. This is not done by simply scrubbing it down with household cleaner, it is done with a high-power pressure washer. When we pressure wash your fence, it is not only going to clean any surface dirt, it is also going to bring the color back. In fact, many people are surprised that their fence, which has become significantly grayed, is now looking as if it were new again. Of course, that new look would not last unless we took the final step.

Question: Can’t you just stain over the existing stain?
Answer: Many companies will simply do just that but with us it is always best to powerwash and then restain. This process provides not only the best look but also the longest protection

Question:What makes your stain better?
Answer: We do not dilute the stain but use factory pigments providing not only best color finish but real protection.
Sealing and Staining the Fence

Once we have cleaned your fence and brought it back to new condition, you will want to preserve the color of the wood. We will do this professionally, using what is commonly known as a semitransparent oil stain. Not only is this going to stain the wood to keep it looking as if it were new, it is also going to add some additional protection to it. The stain includes inhibitors which keep ultraviolet light from damaging it over the course of time. Yes, it will still bleach but it will take much longer to do so. In addition, the stain includes a chemical which will slow down how quickly any mildew will grow in the area.

If you would like more information about our fence staining service, you can call the number on our website. We would be happy to discuss the options that are available to you and to give you a quote for this service that we provide.