Weatherizing Deck Stain

Weatherization of Your Deck

Many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area enjoy outdoor living and they could not imagine living such a life without their deck available. They live on it, visit friends on it, cook on it and eat on it. Unfortunately, wood decks also tend to get gray over the course of time and they may not have the same appeal after they have been in place for a while. If your deck looks as if it could use a little facelift, there are options that are available which will help to weatherize it and bring it back to a condition which is like new. At Medallion Pools, we are professionals at doing this.

If you have a deck that has become gray or if damage has occurred, you can call us using the phone number on our website. We will come to your home to assess the situation and to let you know what can be done to bring it back to new condition again. Of course, any repairs that need to be done are going to be done first, as that will help your deck to have a much longer lifetime. At that point, we will pressure wash the deck, which will help to clean any surface dirt and also to bring the look of the wood back to new again. A deck brightener may also be added to increase the benefits that are brought about by the pressure washer. At that point, your deck would look as if it were new again.

Keeping the New Look with Deck Weatherization

Now that your deck is new looking again, you would want to keep it looking that way. We will do this, using a stain/sealer that will be applied to your deck shortly after it dries. This will help to keep the new look but it will also provide additional benefits for you. For example, the sealer that we use will contain certain chemicals that will keep mildew from growing and it will also block a large part of the UV radiation from affecting the look of the wood. The deck will be nothing short of beautiful. At that point, you will be able to enjoy the deck with friends and family once again.